“ We Know Our Onions”
FRESHPEEL PRODUCE LTDLorem Freshpeel Produce Ltd has been trading for the last 13 years, producing peeled onions for the food industry. Prior to this the company was known as R H Jones (Bob Jones) which was a sole trading company, operating for 35 years under the stewardship of Mr. Robert Jones. The company purchased the first M&P peeling machines in the country producing large tonnages of peeled onions for the Donut Company of America. The company produces over 5,000 tonnes of peeled onions annually. Our production is unique in that we are predominantly able to use raw material onions of 50/65mm in diameter. The production is achieved using 9 stainless steel M&P peeling machines and our very dedicated workforce.
One of our onion grading teams
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Freshpeel Products Ltd, 85 Boleness Road, Wisbech, Cambridgshire, PE13 2XQ t: 01945 429209 f: 01945 465451
Please note we have moved to our new factory, address below.